Of the mussels (Mytilus Chilensis), we sell mussel meat, Greenshell mussels and whole cooked mussels. We import mussel meat under our own label Lumar. The Greenshell mussels are from the brand Sanford and the whole cooked mussels are from the brand St. Andrews. More information on our product range can be found below.

Our mussels are available frozen.


  • Chilean mussels
  • Greenshell mussels


Our mussel meat and whole cooked mussels come from the beautiful island of Chiloe, where the farmed using the hanging method. The mussels are 100% natural and grow in nutrient-rich waters. The full-bodied, slightly salty flavour is unique to Chilean Patagonia.

Mussel meat (Lumar) 900 g

  • Mussel meat 100/200
  • Mussel meat 200/300
  • Mussel meat 300/500

We also offer mussel meat 200/300 in an ASC certified variant.

Whole cooked mussels (St. Andrews)

  • Mussels whole shell 50/70

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Greenshell mussels are rated as one of the most sustainable seafood products in the world by the Monterey Bay Seafood Watch Programme. The mussels are grown in four main regions in New Zealand: Marlborough, Golden Bay/Tasman Bay, Coromandel and Steward Island. They grow on longline technology that uses continuous crop ropes. The time from spat to harvest varies from 26 months to 48 months. The Greenshell mussels’ meat is plump and slightly sweet.

Greenshell mussels (Sanford)

– Mussels half shell 10x 1 kg
– Mussels half shell 12x 800 g


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