Our vision

Importing meat, fish and poultry; adding long-term value for our customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.

Luiten Food
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Our vision

Luiten Food – Thomas Foods Europe continues to innovate to enhance the success of our customers. We do this by continuously broadening our product range and by offering honest products. We are constantly improving our quality. By offering our customers and suppliers transparency and by visiting them regularly, we are able to maintain strong partnerships. We make an ever-growing contribution to sustainability by caring for nature, humans and animal welfare and by ensuring transparent finances. Luiten Food – Thomas Foods Europe promotes an open, honest and transparent corporate culture, in which everyone can continue to develop themselves and ask questions when necessary. Our employees have become part of a culture that embodies ‘a passion for the industry’ and doing everything for the customer. A deal is a deal. As a family business, you want to treat your employees and the environment nicely and with honesty and integrity, now and for a better future.

Brand values of Luiten Food - Thomas Foods Europa


Family company

    An experienced family-owned company!



    We will never sell you "No"! We like to actively work with our customers to help them.



    Each colleague is passionate about their job.


Customer relationship

    We visit our customers and build a personal relationship.

breed assortiment

Wide product selection

    Thanks to our wide product selection, we can offer many possibilities.

Persoonlijke groei

Personal growth

    It is important that our employees continue to develop.

Welzijn medewerkers

Well-being of our employees

    We provide a comfortable working environment that enables our employees to perform at their best.



    We think ahead and we build the future on those ideas.

Gezonde bedrijfsgroei

Healthy business growth

    The market is growing rapidly, and our ambition is to keep growing with it.


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"Does our vision appeal to you, and would you like to know more about the company? If so, feel free to contact me."

Jasper Schleidt
Jasper Schleidt
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