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We love eating meat, but we also care about our animals. That is why we also offer products under the Better Life label.

Luiten Food
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Products that meet the legal requirements for organic products

Luiten Food – Thomas Foods Europe processes and sells organic products. Our organic range mainly includes poultry and fowl from western France, from the Vendee and Pays de la Loire regions.

The organic label is only awarded to products if the entire system has been approved to be organic by a certifying body based on European legislation.

Organic products can be recognised by the European Organic logo. If you see this logo, it means that the product meets the statutory requirements for organic products. In addition, you can read whether the ingredients come from Europe or (partly) from outside Europe underneath the logo.


Check out our Organic certification!


In our product selection, you will find organic chicken, duck and guinea fowl carrying the Organic label.

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"I can tell you all about what the Organic label means, feel free to contact me."

Marinka Grünbauer
Marinka Grünbauer
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