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Nature & Respect is committed to respecting animals, farmers, nature and customers. With respect for the customer, they deliver healthy, sustainable and tasty products. The animals are bred, raised and prepared in western France. The temperate climate in this region is ideal for raising free-range chickens and growing the grains which the birds eat. At Luiten, we sell chickens and ducks from this sustainable brand.

Respect for the animal
Nature & Respect pays close attention to the health and welfare of the animals, to ensure they grow at their own pace and according to their needs. Access to an outdoor area gives the animals the type of rich and varied environment they need to develop properly.

Respect for the farmer
Nature & Respect believes that only farmers who are well-trained and passionate about what they do can produce high-quality products. A combination of passion and tradition for livestock farming.

Respect for nature
With respect for nature and sustainable livestock farming practices, Nature & Respect works today to prepare for tomorrow. They do this by:

  • Renewing their commitment to their reforestation policy each year. Using environmentally friendly techniques, they plant trees and hedges;
  • Nature & Respect’s farmers have energy-efficient poultry houses that fit naturally into their surroundings;
  • Their farmers develop projects to control resource production, such as biogas plants.

Respect for the customer
Transparency and food security are essential aspects of the approach to livestock rearing and production. CERTIPAQ, an independent certification organisation, certifies their entire production chain, from farm to fork.


As explained above, the entire production chain is certified by CERTIPAQ. Each poultry batch is checked at least once by the organisation, which ensures maximum security. Each farm product is subject to traceability measures: tracing and identifying products from the farm to the consumer.

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  • Grain-based feed, mostly produced by the farmers themselves;
  • Access to an area with grass and shade for at least half of the chicken’s life;
  • The chickens can grow up in a clean, pastoral and natural environment;
  • Outdoor area that meets the natural needs of the animal;
  • Outdoor area only for birds (reduced risk of cross-contamination);
  • Hygienic premises;
  • Guaranteed quality and traceability of feed;
  • Monitoring of farms by an independent organisation.

Thanks to our partnership with Nature & Respect, we can offer our customers a sustainable selection of chicken and duck.

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