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Lambert Dodard Chancereul (LDC) was founded in the 1950s in Sable, with one poultry slaughterhouse. Today, LDC is the market leader in France and a major player in the European poultry market.

LDC is active in many regions of France, with many slaughterhouses, often specialising in one or a few products.

They now have over 90 locations across Europe. Most locations are in France, though, being the country specialising in poultry based dishes.

Luiten Food – Thomas Foods Europe purchases a large part of its speciality poultry from LDC Group, which offers a comprehensive selection. We maintain short lines of communication with the companies and locations themselves. This way, we are able to trade and make agreements with each other quickly and effectively, to ultimately serve our customers as best as we can.

Additionally, Luiten Food – Thomas Foods Europe and LDC together regularly visit the slaughterhouses, but also the feed companies, feed mills and, above all, the farms that keep the animals. We are very open and transparent about this, both to and for our customers.




LDC has 4 core values regarding its operations.

  • Sustainable farming

LDC is committed to sustainable farming. Sustainable farming contributes to the assured quality of the farms that are part of LDC. By the year 2025, LDC wants all farms to be part of sustainability programmes such as organic, free-range and Label Rouge programmes. The other 3 core values are:

  • Living and working together
  • Respecting nature
  • Providing healthy food

LDC Group holds several certifications. In addition to international certifications such as BRC, IFS or FSSC 22000, internal processes based on continuous improvement in terms of bio-safety and traceability have also been implemented.

LDC group


LDC Group is a company that includes several brands and subsidiaries. The brands reflect a daily commitment to offer products that combine the pleasure of eating with the need for healthy food. The main brands which fall under LDC Group and which Luiten Food – Thomas Foods Europe works with are:

  • Le Gaulois
  • Loué
  • Mâitre coQ
  • Nature & Respect
  • Drosed
  • Doux
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