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Our driving force behind the organisation

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Like other organisations, we as Luiten Food – Thomas Foods Europe cannot exist without our employees. By working towards quality facilities, safety in the workplace and a strong family culture, together, we ensure that everyone enjoys their work. We also hope that it acts as a business card for new rising talent.

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Workplace safety is the top priority when it comes to employee welfare. By providing good personal protective equipment, we aim to reduce the risk of accidents. We are constantly looking for solutions to ease some of the hard work our employees do. Our employees are offered safety training and we work with clear procedures to create a safe working environment.



Luiten Food – Thomas Foods Europe hopes to create a friendly and motivated team by maintaining the strong family culture. As our organisation grows, so does our workforce. This presents us with a major challenge, but the starting point remains to preserve the family culture, despite the growth and formalisation this might entail.

Personal growth & development
Our employees are the driving force behind our company. We therefore make every effort to create opportunities for employees to develop themselves further. We are open to suggestions from the employees on training courses to follow. In addition, we actively offer our own courses that may be important for the employee’s personal growth.



Our goals for 2030:
Make employee satisfaction measurable and ensuring it.
• We would like to explore and prioritise ways in which the physically demanding work of employees can be improved and mental health can be ensured.

Results we have achieved:
• A belt has been installed, which makes unloading containers less strenuous for employees.
• The state of the food safety and sustainability culture has been examined.
• A works council has been elected and installed.

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Luiten Food
Sanne van Vliet

Sanne van Vliet