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Corporate Social Responsibility

The corporate world is a dynamic and ever-changing environment, in which even the smallest decision can have a major impact on people, local communities and nature. It is essential for every company to keep abreast of developments in its industry. This is no longer just about creating maximum profit, as used to be the general thinking.

We do our utmost to make a positive contribution to society on the people, planet and profit aspects. As a family business, you want to treat your stakeholders and the environment with honesty and integrity. Without labelling it as socially responsible, we have already achieved a lot in the field of corporate social responsibility (CSR) in recent years. Since 2020, we have developed our sustainability ambitions and have begun to implement and continuously improve our CSR management system. Stakeholders are actively involved in determining the relevant CSR themes, so that we can include their wishes and requirements in the decision-making process.

Despite the very wide range of CSR themes, it is important to focus on the most substantive ones. It is therefore important to select the themes that allow Luiten Food to make the most impact. Thanks in part to the input of stakeholders, Luiten Food – Thomas Foods Europe has come up with six themes that are substantial and that allow us to make an impact.

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Our focal points

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  • Renewable energy & sustainable fuels
  • Reducing CO2 emissions
  • Due to the nature of our operations, we use a considerable amount of electricity for our refrigeration facilities. Our fleet is also a significant contributor to our CO2 emissions.
    By switching to green energy and sustainable fuels, we aim to significantly reduce our CO2 emissions.

    Sustainable energy

Packaging and waste

  • Reducing use of plastic materials
  • Recycling increasingly more
  • Products processed by Luiten Food - Thomas Foods Europe are packaged in plastic. We are exploring solutions for reducing plastic materials and for using recyclable alternatives.
    In addition, waste handling is a focal point for more recycling opportunities.

    Packaging & Waste
goed werkgeverschap

Good employment practices

  • Creating a family culture
  • Safety in the workplace
  • A company cannot exist without employees, and Luiten Food - Thomas Foods Europe is no exception. By working towards quality facilities, safety in the workplace and a strong family culture, together, we ensure that everyone enjoys their work. We also hope that it acts as a calling card for new rising talent.

    Well-being of employees

Animal welfare

  • Guarantee of animal welfare
  • For the products we sell, our top priority is to ensure animal welfare. By visiting our suppliers and through strict purchasing requirements, we reduce the chances of irregularities in our chain that could compromise animal welfare.

    Animal welfare


  • Product traceability
  • The traceability of our products contributes to the transparency we want to offer our customers.
    Providing our customers the possibility to trace the origin of products, allows us to prevent food fraud and the risk of animal cruelty.

    Production & Logistics
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Luiten Food – Thomas Foods Europe has obtained the CSR Performance Ladder level 4 certificate. The performance ladder helps Luiten Food – Thomas Foods Europe to continuously improve on the “People, Planet and Profit” aspects in a structured way.

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It is important to report honestly and transparently on our sustainability achievements. This way, anyone can see and compare our performance.