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To ensure consistent quality, we import 95% of our seafood selection directly from origin. For our seafood department, we have developed our own brand name: Lumar. Lumar stands for honest products from all over the world, of the best quality.

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Lumar – Lumar Orient – Lumar Excellent

Because our target market at Luiten Food – Thomas Foods Europe is varied, our Lumar offering is varied too. That is why we have divided our brand into three categories:

  • Lumar: this name is used for general products such as Black Tiger 800 g and Vannamei 800 g.
  • Lumar Orient: this name is used for the more cost-conscious oriental products, such as the Vannamei 750 gr and our Added Value products.
  • Lumar Excellent: this name is used for sustainably produced products with the ASC quality mark, such as ASC Vannamei and ASC Mussel Meat.
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Lumar is used for our general products. Characteristic of this range is that it contains the correct weights and that the products are fully traceable. It is therefore a reliable and stable choice. The products we carry under this name are:

  • Black Tiger 800 g
  • Vannamei 800 g
  • Shrimp skewers
  • Mussel meat

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Mandy Voogt

Mandy Voogt