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Our seafood selection would not be complete without lobster. All our lobster products come from the cold waters of Canada. The Canadian lobster (Homarus Americanus) is characterised by its sweet flavour and succulent but firm texture. We sell lobster products that are produced in two different ways, but are all MSC certified.

Our Canadian lobster is available frozen.


  • Lobster products (Rocky Point)
  • Lobster products HPP (Gidney Fisheries)


These products are produced by normal methods and are from the brand Rocky Point. Rocky Point is Westmorland’s brand of lobsters. Westmorland is traditionally a family business and has over 45 years of experience in processing and producing lobster. Westmorland’s lobster comes from New Brunswick, PEI and Nova Scotia.

  • MSC lobster tail 3/4 oz
  • MSC lobster tail 4/5 oz
  • MSC lobster tail 5/6 oz
  • MSC lobster tail 6/7 oz
  • MSC lobster tail 7/8 oz
  • MSC boiled lobster 325 g


Find out more about the ASC & MSC labels




Besides the conventionally produced products, we also offer HPP (High Pressure Processing) products from Gidney Fisheries. Gidney Fisheries is a Canadian company with over 125 years of experience in sourcing and exporting premium lobster. Gidney Fisheries’ lobster is sourced from the Bay of Fundy and South-West Nova Scotia.

To safeguard the quality of the lobster, the company uses High Pressure Processing (HPP). In this method, the lobsters are placed in a pressurised water tank This way, the lobsters remain intact. The pressure causes the meat to detach from the shell, making the product easy to consume.

  • MSC raw half lobster 175-200 gr HPP
  • MSC raw lobster tail meat 2/3 oz HPP
  • MSC raw lobster tail meat 3/4 oz HPP
  • MSC raw lobster tail meat 4/5 oz HPP
  • MSC raw lobster meat claw & knuckle HPP
  • MSC raw lobster heads (with legs) HPP
  • MSC lobster tails with shell HPP
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