Luiten Food – Thomas Foods Europe imports its domestic duck mostly from western France. France is a specialist in rearing Barbarie duck. Barbarie duck is known for its meatiness, and contains less fat than other breeds. Thanks to the years of experience of our cooperating farmers, we can offer you the best duck!

Besides Barbarie duck, Luiten Food – Thomas Foods Europe also imports the French Nature & Respect free-range duck. These ducks have free access to an outside area to waddle around in.

From Eastern Europe, we also import other duck breeds, such as Peking duck.

Available in fresh & frozen

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Meat cuts duck:

  • Fillet
  • Leg
  • Leg meat
  • Liver
  • Liverpaté
  • Rillette
  • Magret de canard
  • Peking duck
  • Grizzard
  • Fat


Most of our duck products are from the brands Couthouis, Nature & Respect and Mieral.

Maison Couthouis is based in Soullans, between Challans and the coast of the Vendée. In addition to breeding in-house, they work together with local duck farmers, 70% of whom are located within a radius of less than 2 hours. Maison Couthouis’ main speciality is the dry-plucking method. This traditional skill preserves the quality of the meat and skin, and allows for a longer shelf life of the product.

Besides Couthouis duck, we also carry duck by Nature & Respect. Nature & Respect’s core values are respect for animals, farmers and nature. The ducks have a natural habitat and are given time to develop in the best possible way. The stress-free habitat ensures a delicious piece of meat.

And finally, we offer the brand Mieral. The character of this brand is defined by its partnerships with farmers, monitored breeding, free-range practices, 100% natural animal feed and respect for the land. The duck is available under: Excellence Mieral.


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Our partners are always chosen with care, so that we can join forces and deliver the best quality to our customers. Our partners also choose to have sustainable collaborations with local farmers who respect the animals and the land. All products are fully traceable and IFS certified.

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