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The Label Rouge was created in response to the development of mainstream poultry production in France. This development gave poultry meat the image of being cheap and of low quality.
A number of French farmers wanted to maintain the quality image of poultry meat from before the development, and decided to adapt the farms. They offered the consumer a different type of chicken: Label Rouge. The method of production of this chicken resembles the organic production method.

Everything under the French Label Rouge is produced under strict regulations which take into account the welfare of the poultry and the environment. Thanks to these regulations, the meat not only has a high-quality flavour, but also a high-quality texture and colour. The chicken was the first type of poultry to receive this label.

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Meat cuts French free range chicken:

  • Free range chicken
  • Free range chicken fillet
  • Free range chicken filet suprême
  • Free range chicken leg
  • Free range chicken thigh


The expertise involved in raising Label Rouge chicken mainly involves spending a lot of time caring for the poultry: being there for them and making sure they have all the elements that meet their natural needs.
The main conditions of a Label Rouge chicken are:

  • They are held in small, bright barns without artificial lighting
  • Maximum of 400 m2 per barn
  • Maximum of 11 chickens per m2
  • Outdoor area of at least 2 m2 per chicken
  • Feed contains a minimum of 75% grains and grain products
  • Age at slaughter minimum 81 days

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“Label Rouge free-range chicken has a high-quality flavour, texture and colour. Feel free to contact me for more information!”

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Jonne Boers
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