Domestic rabbit

Tam konijn


Domestic rabbits are descendants of wild rabbits. Their meat has been a favourite for centuries, becoming a staple in the seventeenth century. When the rabbit reaches a certain age, the flavour, tenderness, colour and composition of the meat reach a high, making it ideal for consumption. Our rabbits come mainly from France.

Available fresh and frozen!

Domestic rabbit is available whole, but also in various cuts.

Meat cuts domestic rabbit:

  • Fillet
  • Saddle
  • Shoulder
  • Leg
  • Whole rabbit


To offer you rabbit products, we work together with multiple suppliers. Here are some of our partner brands.

Our rabbit comes from SNV. SNV is part of LDC group. LDC group focuses on sustainable breeding, improved coexistence, and respecting the earth and feeding it well. This contribution allows us to enjoy the products nature has to offer for a long time to come.

ACLV is all about the love for a beautiful product and good work. Offering a wide and personalised product selection, the brand meets all the needs of professionals. The rabbits are fed a fully plant-based diet, packed with vitamins and minerals. This benefits the flavour of the meat. The products are certified with the ‘Lapin de France’ label.

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tam konijn


The entire production process of products certified with the ‘Lapin de France’ label has taken place in France. From birth to processing, everything happens in France. The products are fully traceable from farmer to plate. The products comply with French and European health standards. In addition, various checks are carried out to ensure quality.


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"Rabbit has become a staple, so too in our product range. Wondering about availability? Feel free to contact our Export team!"

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Luuk van Wissen
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