We import most of our reindeer products from Scandinavia. We buy the reindeer products from the company Polarica, a leader in game and reindeer products.

Reindeer meat is a valuable source of nutrients with lots of iron, protein and selenium, and it contains several vitamins such as A and E and vitamins of the B group. Reindeer eat about 300 plant species, including green plants, grasses, mushrooms, lichens and moss.

Reindeer growth is not artificially stimulated. Reindeer are butchered when their meat is at its best. Moreover, reindeer meat is usually suitable for people with wheat allergies. Reindeer meat is only available as a fresh product during butchering season! Reindeer meat is exceptionally tolerant to freezing and is therefore used and offered as a frozen product all year round.

The notable characteristics of reindeer meat:
• Low fat content
• Fine fibres
• Nutritious
• Good fatty acid composition
• Rich in protein
• Rich in vitamins
• Rich in minerals and micro nutrients

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Reindeer graze freely in the wild. The reindeer husbandry area covers 122,936 km², 36% of the total Finnish territory. In Sweden, reindeer husbandry covers 34% of the total area. The Finnish reindeer husbandry area covers almost the entire province of Lapland. There are 56 cooperatives of reindeer herders in Finland. All cooperatives are members of the Reindeer Herders’ Association.

Reindeer calves are born in the spring and in the summer the reindeer are rounded up for tagging.

After tagging, the reindeer are allowed to roam and graze freely to build up reserves for the winter. In September and October, the reindeer herds are corralled.

The reindeer are butchered in slaughterhouses according to EU regulations. A veterinarian is present when the animals are killed and checks compliance with regulations. The carcass is inspected by the veterinarian, after which the meat can be butchered. In addition to legal regulations, the process is monitored by Polarica’s self-monitoring system. Reindeer are identified by ear tag, which guarantees the income for the respective reindeer owner. The owner of each animal is verified and the butchered reindeer are separated from the remaining animals.

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