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We are also the right place if you are looking for more exclusive products! Speciality poultry is mainly consumed in France. In our range, we offer products with a soft and mild flavour, but also products with an almost gamey flavour. We sell guinea fowl, domestic pigeon, domestic goose and quail.

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Guinea fowl is not unknown to gourmands in France. Guinea fowl forms the basis of many festive regional dishes and is praised for its tender meat and unbeatable flavour. Beneath its white speckled, silver plumage lies deliciously tender meat with golden yellow hues.

Enthusiasts say the flavour of guinea fowl falls somewhere between that of small game and the more common poultry. It’s more original than ‘ordinary’ chicken, yet just as easy to prepare.

Habitats and origin of the product
Guinea fowl originated from Africa, but nowadays, France is an important production country for this animal. We buy our guinea fowl from the company Savel. This is an abattoir dedicated to the production of guinea fowl and chicks.

Living conditions
Guinea fowl are kept on farms. The minimum breeding time for guinea fowl is 12 weeks. The animals are fed only natural feed consisting of grains, soy, vitamins and minerals.

Various parts
Guinea fowl is often sold as a whole (1100 g), especially in France. Besides whole birds, our product selection includes legs, breast fillets and suprême. Guinea fowl has a refined, gamey flavour.

Our offer includes:
• Guinea fowl
• Guinea fowl fillet
• Guinea fowl fillet suprême
• Guinea fowl breast
• Guinea fowl leg
• Guinea fowl carcass
• Free-range Guinea fowl Loué

Available in fresh & frozen



In France, domestic pigeon has been a delicacy for a long time, and now it is also loved by chefs around the world. Experienced French farmers know exactly how to guarantee tender and flavourful meat. The pigeons are traditionally bred in aviaries in the Pays de Loire region, partly in open air. The young pigeons are fed and raised exclusively by their parents, without any intervention by the farmer. The first few days, the chicks are still fed milk by the mother. Around the 10th day, the parents gradually start feeding them grains. Finally, the birds are slaughtered between 28 and 35 days. Thanks to this natural growth process and the care of the farmer, this is a high-quality product with exceptional flavour and nutritional values.

Our offer includes:

  • Domestic pigeon
  • Domestic pigeon royal
  • Domestic pigeon traditional
  • Domestic pigeon excellence

Available in fresh & frozen

Tamme duif


Domestic geese are domesticated birds that are raised only for meat and therefore are not comparable to wild geese.

Domestic geese are kept on farms for meat production and then processed like other domestic poultry. Production often takes place in Poland and Hungary, countries which have extensive experience in raising geese.

Usually, goose is sold in autumn and winter for a more traditional menu, but the tender, mild-flavoured meat is tasty enough to be consumed all year round.

The vast majority is sold as a whole, but we also offer fillet and leg. It does require specific preparation and a longer preparation time, but the effort results in a pleasant flavour.

In our offer we carry:
• Goose
• Goose fillet
• Leg of goose
• Goose fat
• Goose rillette

Available in fresh & frozen

Tamme gans


Quail is a bird from the family of pheasants and the only migratory bird among the fowl types. The quail is the smallest poultry and is also related to the wild varieties. Quails are kept in barns without a free-range run, as they are wild animals that won’t return to the barn like a chicken would. A quail weighs between 150 and 220 grams and like guinea fowl, quail has a slight gamey flavour. It is a rustic and robust breed that is raised.

Our quails are imported from France. Short delivery times allow us to supply this product on a daily basis. In the Netherlands, quail is mainly consumed in the hospitality industry. During game season, the product will also be sold in retail. Quail meat is light and has a mild flavour. Quail feed on seeds of grasses, grains, herbs, tubers and sometimes even flowers. You can really taste this in the flavour of the meat.

Quail legs and quail fillets are also available.

Our offer includes:

• Quail
• Quail whole or half deboned
• Quail fillet and leg
• Quail carcass
• Quail eggs (raw and cooked)
• Smoked quail
• Label Rouge free-range quail

Available in fresh & frozen


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