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Silver Fern Farms’ venison is venison in its purest form. The deer are raised very naturally on New Zealand’s vast pastures, where the animals are given plenty of space. Thanks to a stress-free life and through the selection of younger animals, Silver Fern Farms’ venison is very tender and delicate in flavour!

The controlled natural conditions in which the deer grow up contribute greatly to its distinctive and full-bodied, refined flavour. The animals feed on the endless meadows on fresh, juicy grass and are supplemented with hay when necessary. Growth hormones and preventive antibiotics aren’t used, and thanks in part to the maximum butchering age of 3 years, the meat is extremely tender.

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Venison fits a healthy lifestyle perfectly as it is a naturally lean meat. It is rich in protein, iron and zinc and contains many essential vitamins, including vitamin B12. It is known for its tenderness, combined with an intense yet classy and subtle flavour. As such, even the biggest meat lovers – who swear by marbled meats – will love the surprising flavour of venison.

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