Vega(n) for the holiday season

  • Envoyé 28 novembre 2023

Are you considering a vegetarian or vegan twist for the holidays? We have you covered! At Luiten Food – Thomas Foods Europe, we cater to all tastes! With our plant-based options, you can offer an unforgettable culinary experience with great quality product that has a delicious flavour.

In the current market, vegetarian and vegan options are unmissable. Besides our wide range of meat, poultry and fish & seafood, we also provide a wide selection of plant-based alternatives. Whether your customers are entrepreneurs shopping for their business or consumers focusing on personal enjoyment, we are always delighted to share more information about our vega(n) products that are perfect for the holiday season!

For example, discover how simple and tasty vega(n) can be with our vegetarian gourmet dish. This package includes several vegetarian snacks, providing options for both business and private customers during gourmet meals.

Also consider the vegan mince from our producer Future Farms. Thanks to a carefully blended mix of plant-based proteins and natural flavourings, Future Farms has been able to recreate the authentic taste and texture of meat without compromising on quality. Future Farms’ products are 100% plant-based and follow a clean label approach, using only 6 to 16 ingredients. As a result, the products contain 50% fewer ingredients than other premium brands.

Future Farms’ products are available in small volumes (from 6kg per box) and can be ordered as a mix. Contact our sales team for all possibilities! Let’s ensure a special festive month together, both for companies and individual consumers!



Verkoop accountmanager Retail en Veggie