Natural perfection: Angus Pure, available mid-March from the brand new Thomas Foods International abattoir!

  • Envoyé 13 février 2024

Luiten Food – Thomas Foods International has some great news to share about its prized Angus Pure products and the recently opened Thomas Foods International factory in Murray Bridge!

Back in 2023, we were proud to announce that the construction of TFI Murray Bridge had been completed successfully. After more than two years of hard work, the factory is now fully operational and production is running at full capacity. Test production specifically for Luiten Food began in early December and we are pleased to report that the very first Angus Pure products are expected to arrive in mid-March.

The products have a revamped logo and brand-new packaging which gives them a very upmarket look!

Angus Pure

packaging angus pure

Murray Bridge factory – Thomas Foods International

Angus Pure cuts

Interested in our Angus Pure range we have on offer? Then contact our account managers.

Angus Pure