Future Farm: 100% plant-based, few ingredients and gluten-free!

  • Pubblicato 22 Agosto 2023

Delicious shouldn’t harm the planet

Future Farm believes that fewer ingredients doesn’t equal less taste. By using a carefully selected blend of plant-based proteins and natural flavourings, they have developed products that are similar to the authentic taste and texture of meat without making any concessions on quality.

Future Farm is a plant-based foodtech & lifestyle brand aiming to change the way the world eats. Future Farm is 100% plant-based and a clean label, meaning they work with natural and identifiable ingredients. As a result, their products contain only 6 to 16 ingredients, 50% less than other premium brands. Moreover, all Future Farm products are certified, halal-certified and free of gluten, cholesterol, artificial additives, hydrogenated fats and genetically modified organisms (GMO).

Future Farm’s commitment to quality and taste is central to the development of their range. They use high-quality plant-based proteins and natural ingredients to create meat substitutes that are not only nutritious, but also offer the same taste and texture as traditional meat.

With their products, they aim to make an impact not only in the food industry, but also for the environment and the health of our planet. To compensate for its carbon footprint, Future Farm is working with Climate Partner to stop deforestation in the Amazon. The progress of these initiatives can be followed here.

Starting mid-September, we offer plant-based burgers, minced meat and meatballs from Future Farm. Together with Future Farm, Luiten Food is taking a positive step towards an even more sustainable future. Want to know more about the Future Farm product range? Contact our sales team!

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