Conscious fish week

  • Pubblicato 26 Settembre 2023

During conscious fish week, we want to give our ASC & MSC fish and seafood some extra attention. Our ASC & MSC products are responsible, nutritious, versatile and delectable! As far as we are concerned, this is a good reason to choose an ASC and/or MSC labelled product. You create a positive impact on our planet and, by responsibly farming, you ensure that future generations can still feast on these delicious products.

Products with the ASC or MSC label come from sustainable fishing and responsible farming.

Fish, seafood and shellfish are nutritious because of their many healthy nutrients.

Many varieties, flavours and sizes, raw or cooked, you can vary endlessly.

Want to enjoy delectable fish, seafood with an ASC or MSC label!? Our tender and fresh products can be prepared in all sorts of ways.

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