Veggie Burgers

We can offer the following:

• Dutch Style Broccoli Cheese Burger
• Italian Style Mozzarella Tomato Burger
• Mexican Style Bean Burger
• Asian Style Quinoa Burger

Inspired by trendy tastes around the world, prepared with various kinds of natural fillings such as beans, quinoa, mozzarella and broccoli. Rightfully “filled with nature”, which can be seen when you cut through the burger: recognizable ingredients from nature such as whole beans, chunks of bell pepper and tomato but also broccoli are mouth watering. In contradiction to the often shallow taste of meat substitutes, these veggie burgers excel in good taste. Of course these veggie burgers are prepared with sunflower oil and contain a lot of fibres, proteins and Calcium. Due to the natural composition en addition of spices the salt percentage is as low as possible, and much lower.