Grainfed lamb from Australia

We can offer you:
· Lamb fillet
· Lamb rack
· Lamb saddle
· Lamb leg
· Lamb chumps

The lamb is fed with high protein rations with a high barley content and a guaranteed hormone growth promotant-free (HGP)status. The meat is tender, full of avour and with high level of marbling. In short, the best meat from Australia!

Grazing properties, feedlots and processing plant are strategically located in South Australia, providing easy access to Australia’s premier quality livestock and an assurance that the process begins with the highest quality produce.

Minimum feeding periods, precision boning and high levels of marbling produce a unique combination of avour and tenderness. The products of Thomas Foods comply with the strictest safety and hygiene standards in the eld of food safety.

Absolute control of traceability from procurement and feedlot, through to processing, packaging and shipment, nothing is left to chance. The best quality meat, delivered under the highest possible safety standards.

At Thomas Foods, respect for our animals is paramount. Therefore, the company has fully supported the highly rated Australian Meat Industry Council Animal Welfare Standards for Livestock Processing and meets the quality standards. It also invests in innovative technologies to work with respect for the environment.