Wild boar

We can offer you:
• Wild boar tenderloin
• Wild boar striploin
• Wild boar leg
• Wild boar shoulder
• Wild boar neck
• Wild boar shank
• Wild boar trimming
• Wild boar goulash

Wild boars tuck into grass, leaves, acorns, beechnuts, herbaceous plants, roots of all kinds of plants, mushrooms, fruit and even frogs, snakes and worms. This diet gives them their unique wild flavour. Meat from wild boar shot during the mating season has a very penetrating aroma and taste.

Especially the young animal is the best for culinary purposes.

Its meat is not only tender but also has a very refined flavour. The older the animal, the stronger the flavour of its meat. Young wild boar up to two years of age need not be marinated but older ones should be. The haunches and chops are the finest cuts and can be prepared similarly to pork.