We can offer you:
• Elk striploin
• Elk leg
• Elk topside

The Elk lives primarily in areas of deciduous forest (particularly beech trees) near lakes and swamps, but they can also be found on the tundra. These animals prefer the tender vegetation found in open meadows as well as beech, ash and poplar trees – in general, woody plants covered in a soft bark. Some of their favourite vegetation consists of low woody swamp plants, heather, water plants and Bog Rosemary. In Europe, the Elk is found in Sweden, Norway and Finland, its habitat stretching into northern Russia and parts of Siberia. The American Elk is similar to the European Elk.

The loin and rump of the young buck can be used to create very delicious dishes.

The tongue of the elk can be smoked. The rest of a moose carcass can be prepared similar to beef and venison.

The haunch will have to be marinated first.