Cervena venison

We can offer you:
· Cervena venison rack
· Cervena venison striploin
· Cervena venison tenderloin
· Cervena venison haunch 4 cuts

silver fern farms

Silver Fern Farms Cervena is backed by our promise of freshness, tenderness and great taste – raised naturally, free range and grass fed. Sourced from the lush, open pastures of our venison farms in New Zealand, we take the greatest care to ensure we deliver to standards of consistent quality.

Silver Fern Farms Cervena is a selection of tender, premium-quality cuts produced to required specifications. Consistent standards every time.
Pasture raised Silver Fern Farms Cervena offers an enticing combination of delicate flavours and leanness. It is highly sought after for its delicious taste and potential for use in fresh and inviting cuisines. Consistently light and healthy. This is the distinctive difference of Silver Fern Farms Cervena. Our best cuts for your best creations.

Sear it, fry it, skewer it, roast it or BBQ it – New Zealand farm-raised Silver Fern Farms Cervena is incredibly versatile and fresh with a distinctively subtle taste. The delicate flavour of Silver Fern Farms Cervena suits casual, modern styles of dining. With so many ways to enjoy it, it’s a lighter red meat option that truly stands out. Silver Fern Farms Cervena – a bright, fresh and entirely new dining experience, made for summer, from New Zealand.