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Whoever says kangaroo, immediately thinks of Australia. Not surprisingly, of course, because this is the only continent where kangaroos occur. There are almost 50 different species of kangaroos, of which 4 species are hunted. The Australian government determines annually which numbers of kangaroo may be shot. This descent is necessary because the kangaroos pose a serious threat to traffic and because they cause desertification in large parts of Australia due to overgrazing. The most common species are the Euros, Wallibies, Gray and Red kangaroos. Kangaroos are real nocturnal creatures, during the day they often lie in groups under the eucalyptus trees.

Environment kangaroo

Kangaroos live throughout Australia with the exception of some very wet areas. However, each species has its own distribution area. Kangaroos are grass and leaf eaters. Because Australia is a rather dry country, they cause many problems for the farmers: kangaroos eat the food of the cattle. Moreover, they love the agricultural crops that grow on the land.
Although 10% of the population is shot annually, the numbers are still increasing annually. Keeping the numbers of kangaroos under control costs the Australian government many millions and to pay for this, Australia has put its hopes on the export of kangaroo meat.

Kangaroo hunting

Despite wanting to limit the huge numbers of kangaroos, Australia maintains the very strict requirements for the hunt for kangaroos. This means that every kangaroo-hunter must be in possession of a permit to be allowed to hunt. This requires a diploma that shows both theoretical and practical knowledge. In addition, hunters must have a very high knowledge level of animal welfare, hunting methods and meat hygiene. The entire kangaroo hunt is under the control of the Animal Welfare Organization of Australia.

Kangaroo season

There is no real slaughter or hunting season for kangaroos, the meat is imported and slaughtered throughout the year. However, there is often no flooding due to floods in certain areas.

Kangaroo meat

Kangaroo meat is nicely red in color and very thin. Moreover, it has a high protein content and contains many minerals. The meat comes from animals that have spent their entire lives in the wild, so pure free-range meat. Kangaroo meat is slaughtered in EU approved slaughterhouses and slaughtered and processed according to HACCP standards.

Due to the large distance to Europe and America, most of the meat is shipped frozen. Fresh kangaroo meat available on request.