Beef from Australia

We can offer you:
• Beef tenderloin
• Beef ribeye
• Beef striploin
• Beef topside
• Beef outside
• Beef knuckle
• Beef rumpcap
• Beef rump
• Beef tri tips
• Beef flapmeat
• Beef flanksteak
• Beef brisket point end
• Beef shortrib bone in
• Beef chuckroll
• Beef topblade
• Beef bolarmuscle
• Beef chuck tender
• Beef diamond muscle
• Beef burger
• Beef carpaccio

Clare Valley Signature is strategically located in South Australia. Big parts of the landscape are flat and they are characterised by enormous pastures and a clean air. The animals have enough space to pasture. With absolute control from raising the cattle through processing, packaging and shipment, Clare Valley Signature leaves nothing to a chance.

Because the cattle’s are grain fed (GMO free) during fattening period, the meat has such a delicate taste. High levels of marbling produce a unique combination of flavour and tenderness. The meat is extremely soft and succulent, which definitely benefits the taste.

The meat comes in fresh weekly!