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Corporate Social Responsibility

Business is a dynamic and ever-changing environment where even the smallest decision can have a major impact on people, local societies, and nature. It is of the utmost importance for any company to keep abreast of developments in its industry. Business is no longer just about creating maximum profit as was the general idea in the past.

We try to positively contribute to society on the people, planet, and profit aspects. As a family business, you want to deal with your stakeholders and environment with the greatest care and honesty. This can relate to sustainable entrepreneurship, such as our new business premise, in order to reduce the ecological footprint. It, however, also encompasses checking the supply chain, to ensure that our products meet our ethical and quality requirements. Stakeholders are actively monitored to include their wishes and requirements in the decision-making process.

In order to achieve this, you will also need highly motivated personnel. Fortunately, our employees have a real heart for the company. The family culture carries the company’s core values, which are embraced by all employees. By investing in the well-being, safety, and growth of our employees, in the broadest sense of the word, we motivate our employees to perform optimally.

To make sure we can prove our social responsibility and to guarantee objectivity, we have chosen for certification according to the CSR performance ladder. This management system, based on the ISO 26000, ensures continuous improvement of the CSR performance of Luiten Food. Every year we will publish a CSR report on the bottom of this webpage to communicate our progress or complications to all interested stakeholders. This report also contains an annual revised version of our CSR policy statement.

CSR report Luiten Food 2019

CSR report Luiten Food 2020

CSR report Luiten Food 2021

Certificate CSR performace ladder Level 3