Beter Leven

Beter Leven quality label

Luiten Food has a range of Free Range Chickens in assortment. In the Netherlands we are selling those under the label “Beter Leven”.  The more stars the better life a chicken does have. Those chickens have more space, live longer, have diversionary material, and more possibilities to exercise their natural behaviour than animals from regular livestock farming.

In the conventional broiler farming, the animals are bred so that they gain weight as quickly as possible. This rapid growth causes many physical and health problems. Under the label, only slower growing breeds are allowed.

The certified chickens under the label have a covered or free range to the outside. They are also provided with enrichment material to make life as natural as possible, such as straw bales, wood shavings or sand in which chickens can scratch and take dust baths. In addition, a natural day and night rhythm is also maintained. The killing method is also much more animal friendly than the conventional chickens. Transport is limited as much as possible.

Beter Leven quality label 1 star chicken:

Slow growing breed – minimal 56 days.
Daylight, fresh straw and grain.
Covered outlet with 12 chickens per m².
Almost no antibiotics.
The animals have more space in the barn.

Beter Leven quality label 2 star chicken:

Same as 1 star chicken, but with:
Free range to the outside with 1 chicken per m².

Beter Leven quality label 3 star chicken:

Same as 1 and 2 star chicken, but with:
More time to grow – minimal 81 days.
Free range to the outside with 1 chicken per 2m².
Mostly small-scale farms.

At Luiten Food there are 1, 2 and 3 star chickens available!

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