09 – 13 October

Anuga 2021

Anuga 09-13 October 2021, HALL 06.1, Stand 1A58

Luiten Food – TFI Europe, TFI USA and TFI Australia will have a joint presence at the Anuga trade fair. Within our partnership, we share a common passion: “Feeding families globally’’. We are meticulous and reliable suppliers of high-quality meats. Our core focus is the process known as “From pasture to plate’’. We believe in maintaining a personal approach to both business and the care for people, animals and land, as well as the communities in which we operate. For us, this means incorporating strict hygiene and handling standards, sustainability, innovation and safety into each and every phase of food production and the delivery journey.

Here is a selection of the latest developments that we would like to tell you more about during the fair.

New construction of Murray Bridge Thomas Foods International in Australia

Thomas Foods International would welcome the chance to talk to you about the developments at Murray Bridge. Since the devastating fire on 3 January 2018, TFI has been working to achieve the most advanced multi-meat-processing facility in Australia. We want this to be a world-class facility, which is why we’re deploying the latest developments in connection with technology, efficiency, environmental sustainability, animal welfare and workplace safety. This is the largest investment in our company’s thirty-year history, the likes of which has not been seen in our industry for many years. It is also an expression of our long-standing commitment to our community, employees, customers and cattle farmers all across South Australia and the rest of Australia. Once the new factory is fully operational, it is expected to create some 2,000 jobs, an estimated 400 of which will be needed during the start-up phase of production.

Angus Pure

Speaking of “From pasture to plate’’, we look forward to the Anuga trade fair as an opportunity to tell you all about Angus Pure. This brand is precisely what TFI stands for: the Angus cattle come from farms that have specialised in raising high-quality Angus beef cattle for generations. All these Angus farms are located in South Australia, ranging from around the Clare Valley to the Limestone Coast. Thanks to its moderate climate, clean air and immense stretches of grassland, this is one of the best regions in the world for raising Angus cattle. TFI holds exclusive rights to supply Angus Pure grass-fed and grain-fed beef. When visiting the trade fair, be sure to ask about our many Angus Pure products.

Lumar, top quality seafood assortment

Luiten Food looks forward to telling you about the launch of our own brand, Lumar, and other exciting developments. Our Black Tiger shrimp come from extensive fish farms in Bangladesh, while our Vannamei shrimp are raised intensively in Vietnam. We also offer several sustainable varieties with ASC certification under the Lumar Excellent brand name.  Both concepts are characterised by top quality with an honest count and honest net weight.  Because Lumar products are purchased directly from the source, Luiten Food is able to guarantee the traceability of each product. Luiten Food intends to expand its range to include multiple types of fish, shellfish and crustaceans in the future. 

Discover one of our latest innovative retail concepts Flatskin®

Flatskin® packaging: less plastic and higher quality.

We will be happy to tell you about FlatSkin® packaging, part of our ongoing efforts to offer the customer maximum convenience. The new FlatSkin® packaging – which consists of a laminated cardboard tray in combination with a layer of plastic film – is 100% recyclable because the film can easily be separated from the cardboard. What’s more, it requires 75% less plastic to produce and extends the shelf-life of the product. In addition to the fact that the FlatSkin® packaging option is more environmentally friendly than the standard plastic tray which currently dominates the retail market, FlatSkin also offers the possibility of printing our story (or yours) on the packaging and adding a QR code.

Ask about the possibilities for more retail concepts!

Venison– Silver Fern Farms

We are eager to tell you more about our Silver Fern Farm venison. This New Zealand venison is grass-fed and quite mild in flavour, making it a fine piece of meat anyone will enjoy. It is extremely low in fat and cholesterol yet packed with vitamins and minerals. Together with its tenderness, ease of preparation and unique flavour, this venison offers a healthy and versatile meat option that is perfectly in keeping with the contemporary lifestyle.

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