About us


Luiten Food, formerly known as Luiten Game and Poultry, has been established by Leen Luiten in 1938. ‘My father used to take his bike to visit his customers’, according to his son Leo Luiten. ‘The big basket on his bike was completely packed with butter, cheese and eggs. Later on he also included chicken. That’s how Mr. Luiten cycled various times per day to The Hague and back.’

The second generation, Leo and his brother Aad Luiten, took over the company. From a very young age they have put their heart and soul into the company, they have expanded the business by adding import and distribution. Leo and Aad were serious pioneers with reference to the import of game; they were one of the first importers in Europe. Thanks to their effort the company has reached today’s position. Luiten Food is currently, more than 75 years later, well known as an importer of beef, lamb, game, poultry and ibérico.

Nowadays it’s management is formed by Jan Kunz and Lennert Luiten, the third generation Luiten. Import is still it’s main core business. Thanks to Jan and Lennert, the assortment has been expanded; as being a total supplier nowadays.