About us

About Luiten Food

Luiten Food has been established in 1938, principally active in the trade of game and poultry. Nowadays Luiten Food has become one of the key companies in the international trade of beef, lamb, game, poultry and ibérico. We deliver these products to various wholesalers, industrial customers and retail.

Personal service and thus personal contact is very important for Luiten Food; loyalty and confidence are our fundamental values.

The quality is controlled by our in-house quality team who accurately audit all logistic processes. Managing our own logistic processes makes us very flexible when it comes to the delivery of products. We are IFS Food and IFS Broker certified and offer various products with international recognized certifications.

By maintaining our values, working on a long-term business relationship with our partners, offering a broad range of products and keeping our flexibility in service – Luiten Food is your preferred partner in meat!

We welcome you at our office!